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To: Joseph Lyons
Date: 11/28/2012

First and foremost I would like to thank you for allowing y project to go this far. I am very confident that my plan for the 2 day training session will be a success. When I first proposed my project I provided you all with a central location which allows everyone to travel about the same amount of time to come together. I set up my project according to the schedule of my last training session which was I great success. I am also set up all my payment arrangements ahead of time so I know exactly the amount of money I need for budget ahead of time. I know that a plan b is almost always recommended but I am so confident that my plan A will follow through as planned. I have was introduced this training to relay it to our other employees. I know exactly the amount of time need to instruct the training. I and my team have practiced our instruction to perfection by actually training and testing ourselves. Therefor I am sticking to my task list and my budget 100% . I appreciate you all considering my project and you absolutely have nothing to worry about. I will make sure this training is a success for the best interest of our company, plus if I don’t this falls back on me which I will not allow it to jeopardize my reputation of being a successful project manager .
My task will still go as follows:
Below is a task list of that supports my outline of the training session:
First Day
• Arrival 7-745am
• Introduction 8am
• 1st class 9am
• 2nd class 10am
• Lunch 1055- 1155am
• 3rd class 12-2pm
• 4th class 205-355pm
• Conclusion 4pm
• Departure 5pm
2nd Day
• Arrival 7-745AM
• Introduction 8am
• 1st Class 9am
• 2nd Class 10…