College Dorms and On-Campus Housing: An Account of an Experience Essay

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Dylan Kerbs
English 101
Ms. Congress
February 24, 2013
Nemesis neighbor College’s that don’t have dorms don’t exactly have the best living situation for their students. So all of the students that are from out of the area are forced to live in an apartment or rent out a house for the school year. This can be tough for students that live out of town because they may not have time to come down and look at the house or apartment that they would be living in. There are one hundred and one community colleges across the nation that have on campus living (Carnegie Communications). The reviews support that on campus living has been very successful for those schools. If colleges had dorms on the campus, it would offer the students more of a social life and the school would benefit from this in multiple ways. Having dorms would give opportunities for the students to become more social and more school spirited. Students would be able to introduce themselves to students from other states and become more social with students on a daily. They would become involved with school functions and raise the school spirit for sports activities. Students can make a difference in attending the games because it would be louder for the other team and give more pressure. The problem with students becoming more involved with school functions would be that students would have parties in the dorms breaking the school rules. This could be bad because the students could damage the school property and cause the school to repair the property that was damaged. It’s not fair for any of the people involved. It’s not fair for a middle aged family to have to deal with college students, but it is also not fair to the college students to constantly get in trouble for being a little bit to loud past ten on the weekend. No matter what type of college kid you are, you are not going to have the same living habits as a forty year old who has likely been