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College Comparisons During high school I had to make a choice whether I would apply to a two-year community college or a four-year University. I had to make a decision in order to select my high school courses and plan my future. A two-year college is also known as a community college; A place where one is able to get their general education done in order to transfer into a four-year college or University. Four-year Universities are generally for full time students who are committed to a certain major and have a plan whether it’s earning a masters degree or just settling or the bachelors’ degree. There are many factors to consider when deciding which way to go. Although two-year and four-year colleges have the same intentions of helping their student body attain their desired degree, they have many differences that significantly separate them from each other.
Most two-year colleges have open admissions policies and are typically a cheaper way to go than attending all four years at a University. Four-year colleges rarely have open admissions policies. They base their selection off more competitive factors such as the SAT and ACT, admission essays, high school transcripts and grade point averages. Two-year colleges are not only cheaper on tuition; but students who attend usually live at home with their parents. This way they can avoid paying dorm fees, renting their own place, and avoid many other costs that come along with living on your own. Tuition is significantly more expensive in four-year Universities. Books are also known to be more expensive as well. In most cases, attending a two-year college rather than a four-year college can nearly cut the cost of attending college in half.
Most students attend school on a full-time basis in four-year colleges, however the majority of students who attend two-year colleges attend only part time (which is considered less than 12 credits per semester). I believe this is because community colleges carry a student body that consists of older adults and returning college students. Meaning most students in a community college either don’t meet the requirements to get accepted into a four-year school or have
Watkins 2 not made a decision on what they are trying to major in. Most of the student body in four-year Universities are accepted out of high school and have already made a decision on what to major in and which degree they are searching for. Four-year Universities carry higher tuition costs, so I believe this makes the student want to attend full time and get their years of school over with sooner than later. Community college gives you the opportunity to really think about what you are trying to major in. For example, after I graduated high school I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to study in college. Throughout my years in community college I have had the opportunity to take different