College Education Is Worth It Essay

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No matter what generation it is, students are always the group of people who require the most protection and support. Education apparently plays a significant role in the society. In recent years, the investments for college education has increased, many people start to wonder, is college still worth it? Yes, college is worth it. Education has become an essential part of human lives, thus going to college is necessary for high school graduates. The values of college education are not only helpful on the educational aspect; students can also learn more knowledge, gain more social experience, recognize human relationships and understand the importance of responsibilities. Consider about the future, a college degree is helpful for students to get a high salary job. Therefore, after viewed college …show more content…
College education will be helpful when students on the way to find a high salary job after leaving school. In nowadays, college degree is still worth the investments. The “price” of college has increased day by day, “ Tuition charges at both public and private colleges have more than doubled -- in real dollars -- compared with a generation ago”(Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission?). Andrew Hacker used the facts of the current expensive tuition fees, implied that people’s expectations on colleges had also increased compare to the past. In Eleni Karageorge’s article, she stated that, “Between 1970 and 2013, workers with a bachelor's degree had annual earnings of about $64,500 after adjustment for inflation. Workers with an associate's degree earned an adjusted $50,000 per year, and those with only a high school diploma earned $41,000”(Is a College Degree Still Worth It?). The pay back from higher educations has also increased, it is not a waste of spending time and money in college. Investing in a college education still appears to be a wise economic decision for students, on