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“Fat” is easy to say someone but no ones to hear it. One of the growing concerns affecting today's teenagers is the increase in the rate of teen obesity. According to the American Obesity Association, about 30.4 percent of teenagers in USA are overweight; these teenagers are mostly bullied in school because of their sizes and unfortunately I was among these teens.
“You are fat” “You are ugly”, these two phrases were a daily comment that I used to receive from my fellow classmates every day It started from the sixth grade. I wasn’t obese, just overweight. But there wasn’t a single day I didn’t hear these harsh comments about me. What made it worse was that when I started to receive the same comments from my family members. Instead of giving me advises about my health problems all they did was just leave me alone with the harsh comments. And slowly and gradually I became a socially awkward. I took some wrong steps in order to get myself lean. I starved myself every day because I believed that only way to lose weight was to eat less. Obviously starving myself wasn’t working since starvation slows down metabolism. But I wasn’t aware of what I was doing wrong. Another problem that I had to face was my desires for food. I am an emotional eater, so whenever I had any emotional trauma, I went to food for comfort.
The television show “Too fat for fifteen” motivated me to dream of losing weight. I understood that losing weight won’t happen over a night. I taught myself what are the healthy foods I need to eat by reading magazines, books and online articles. I participated in many sports in school and also ran a mile every day. After 3 months of hard