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Rema Bryce
Education Goals

After I graduate high school I plan on going to college. I want to broaden my education so that I can understand what I like more. I plan on getting my PhD, because I want a challenge and I like the name Doctor. Rema. In this world the higher your degree the better chance you have of a better job and pay. My favorite subject is science, so I plan on majoring in a field that is science related. In 9th grade I took a forensic science program in the summer. It was so incredible. I learned so much about how the evidence you leave has a lot to do with the person cause of death. After the summer course I stuck with becoming a forensic scientist. That's until my mother told me to change it. She feels so many people are majoring in forensics and criminal justice because of the show CSI, so it limits my chances when my time comes. I thought of another field I can major in that helps people. I came up with Physical Therapy. In Physical Therapy I can work with kids, adults, and even sports players. I learned to become a Physical therapist you can’t major is Physical therapy as an undergraduate, because it’s a graduate degree. As an undergraduate I’ll major in Physics, Biology or Forensics and when I graduate I’ll go back to college for my graduate degree and major in Physical Therapy. My mother and family support any major I choose, but the major that I want is Physical Therapy. My mother likes this choice, she motivates me a lot to look