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At first it didn’t seem like much to me, it was just something to take up some spare time. But the more and more time I spent doing this, it really started to make me wonder if this is something that I could potentially do in the future. At the start of my lacrosse season my assistant coach asked if I would like to be the assistant coach of his 8 year old son’s lacrosse team. I thought it would be fun so I told him I would be glad to help out this team of about 30 kids. During the first practice I didn’t do much, I was observing just how to go about teaching little kids to learn the basics of lacrosse and how to eventually work their way up to playing in a game. The next practice my coach let me take half the team aside and teach them some of the basics, which surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be After giving them instructions, the kids responded pretty well and for the most part, stayed attentive and reacted the way I wanted them to. My coach was very impressed that the kids responded so quickly to me, and more importantly that I was able to gain and keep their attention. Looking back on it, it came very easy to me, but maybe that’s because I’m always around kids. I am one of the oldest in my family, and my family is relatively big. Every year we have a huge family Christmas party and when all of my cousins get together we have about 60 of us. Eleven of them are first cousins, while the rest of them are second cousins. Of this entire group though I am the second oldest, which is why I am so accustomed to having kids around all the time. So when it came to lacrosse it was very easy for me to