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"When you're going through hell, keep going" was once said by Winston Churchill. This quote really means a lot to me because I've been living through this "hell" for roughly my whole life. This "hell" being my Father leaving me at such a young age , my Mother struggling to pay the bills and not growing up with a Father figure. Before I start my story I want you to know that none of this has stopped me in succeeding and striving for greatness. It all began a little old house off of Hillside Avenue, Hillside New York. When I was younger I had always thought my Mother and Father had a great relationship they were always happy and seemed to never leave one side. At this point in time my Brother Julius had just been born he was yet another factor that consolidated our family as one. Until one day, my Father came into my room and said "your Mom and I are not getting along anymore Lenny, Moms making me leave so I won’t be living with you anymore but, I will see you every other weekend I promise." I was very young at the time and all I wanted was my Dad this killed me. In years to come I found out that my Father had cheated on my Mother also, he had not only cheated on her but he would physically abused her. This brought me to tears the man I called my "Father" could ever do such a thing. So as my parents stayed divorced for a good year my Father kept seeing me every weekend until he got a little closer to my Mom again. After he got a hold of my bank account he took every dollar I had saved up from the beginning of my life to that very moment and disappeared never to be seen again. It really hurt me how someone could tell you how much they love you and how much they care about you then end up stealing everything you have and never seeing them again. But my Mom didn't let adversity stop her she always showed a sense of resilience. My Mother is an independent angel and I would take a bullet for her any given day. When i was between the ages of five-seven My mother encountered bills she simply couldn't afford. She was a single parent with a full time job trying to support a kid