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Rainie Yu

I have always held the firm belief that the environment and community around one greatly influences one’s growth and development. The surroundings of a person often molds their character and provides them with inspiration. Many of one’s personal characteristics are determined by the environment in which he is currently in. My steadfast conviction stems from my own environmental transitions and the experiences that they have brought.

In the faithful year of 2007, I was still at the delicate age of eleven years old. When I was in seventh grade, my family moved from a small town to a city called Guangzhou. Guangzhou was a very modern and prosperous city. It is one of the largest cities of the country, and it was very intimidating and fast-paced to me. This dramatic change of environments affected me greatly. I was awe-struck by the contrast of the world I just left and the world I had just been forced to enter. The local people all spoke Cantonese, a language that was foreign to me. It was only my first day in Guangzhou and already there stood a language barrier separating me and the rest of its inhabitants. This, along with my introvert personality and outdated clothing, made me almost impossible to talk with. There is one experience that has stuck with me for these past years. One day, I came to class and sat down, only to see many profane words written messily on my chalkboard. I hurriedly erased it, to prevent the teacher from noticing. Although I told myself this was nothing to be ashamed of, The tears continued to trickle down my cheeks. That day, I vowed to assimilate into this new society and gain acceptance. I trained myself to speak in the local dialect, and modified the way that I dressed. Slowly but surely, some of the students started to talk to me. This greatly boosted my confidence, and I went on to become one of the most popular students in my grade. My raised self-esteem led me to focus on achieving academic success, and I later earned admission to the best high school in the area.

Due to my academic success, personal management skills, and unwavering leadership, I was elected as the Student Body President in High School. In my term, I successfully organized events such as the “Best Singer Competition”, basketball games, and ping pong games. In high school, due to my academic achievement, personal skills and leadership qualities, I was elected as the President of the Student Committee. I have successfully organized many activities on campus, such as The Best Singer Competition, basketball games and table tennis competitions. I have also obtained the opportunity to explore the school and make new friends. On the day of my 14th birthday, I received more than a thousand personal birthday wishes and gifts. In my opinion, the external title is