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Roger Vargas 7/22/14
Final Paper Assignment (Final Version)

As we grasp a difference between High School and a University we really see that they have many ways like social and academic education to help students. Like a High School comparing to a University, Social and Academic education are different as well. Academic education is based on the schools level of classes and teachers. High Schools we have teachers that can teach standard classes, honors, and AP classes. Universities due to their tough level of education, they have professors or even Doctors. Academically high schools we have mostly teachers so they can teach us the basics so that in a university we would have professors or even doctors to help us pursue our careers. Socially high school can be all excitement and interesting where you would see people in groups they “fit” in better called cliques. Where in a university it gets serious and you only have yourself to rely on. It is your responsibility to get your work done completely and reach out to teachers for help, unlike high school teachers won’t babysit you to see your progress and what work you are missing, its all your responsibility. To distinguish both social and academic education, it’s shown that social education is have people help one another to work together. In high school many have their own cliques and aren’t usually together as one it works out for some because they always got each other for help for some it might not. Groups they can be in can affect their education to the wrong path. Many kids are separate by different types of high schools, which are public and private, but in a university people meet different kinds of people and everyone all come together this helps a students education. The outcome is students in high school should have more of a social education to get to know everyone and open up. There students will know a much wide variety of who to go to for aid. Academic education is a vast difference between high school and University. In a high school teachers will come to you and help you on whatever you need or work you miss and how you are doing in class. In a university you are on your own because the university expectations sees you as an adult and responsible. In a university the student goes to the teacher to see how they are doing. Academic education is based on the schools level of classes and teachers.
The Code of Student Conduct, which shows rules and university expectations for students. It “provides a framework of standard acceptable behavior for students,” (UMass Boston 355). Teachers help students to reach their goals, on the Introduction to Critical Reading by Meesh McCarthy, she states her objective to her DSP students “we will prepare you to be more confident with university-level documentation of sources” (McCarthy Course Objectives). Many teachers like Meesh will help many students that seek help, as well as teachers with other higher level of education and that shows the importance of academic performance that UMass has. This shows how difficult and challenging a university can be comparing to a high school. High school most students can find easy with no aid because the work can be time consuming but fairly simple. Social Education is working together in a community like a school and collaborates jointly, in many schools there is diversity where many from different cultures come together and make friendships. Its hard at times coming to a new school or a new area where people can see you as an outsider, that is how Galeas felt in the Honduran American Identity article, she says, “I think that is why I am so quiet and so friendless in class because I cannot fit more into my schedule,”(Galeas 23). Many students do this to succeed and not get occupied doing something else but its always better to work and help others not only yourself. That is why social education is a major role for students who do things alone especially in high school