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As I read the application question, my mind stumbled because when I think of a committee or an organization; I think of Student Council, Year Book Committee or National Honor Society. However, these are not clubs that I found myself being involved in. But for as long as I can remember I've been a member of one of the most positive, challenging and dedicated units one could ever be affiliated with. I’ve been a Cheerleader since I was 7 years old. Based off opinions and television portrayal; Cheer-leading has never really been revered as a sport, committee or organization. Just hyper girls, with low IQ’s jumping around for the boys on the court or field of play. In my opinion, cheer leading is still not given the acknowledgment that it should be given. Yes, cheering does insight enthusiasm in the hearts of your home team and the supporting crowd. However , cheering is more than just getting the crowd hyped and encouraging the team. To start it’s taught me to have structure, responsibility and of course a sense of comradery.

When I was little it was all about being the cutest girl on the field. I thought cheering would always be easy. When I got in high school and realized I’d have to balance classes, babysitting and cheering; I honestly thought about giving it up. But I’m not a quitter. If I was going to stay committed to this, I had to focus, prioritize and sacrifice things that I really loved. I had to give up part of my social life to dedicate myself to cheering. Once, I decided to commit myself to cheering, I worked my way up to captain for the Golden Knights.. That was an accomplishment I’ll never forget. Developing leadership skills and being able to handle it, was a huge step as being captain. I had to make up cheers, give feedback to the coach on how