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Jorden Bugarin
Mr. Nevares
Period 3
“Kids, Come upstairs!” The 12 year old video game loving Mommas boy I was threw down the controller sprinted upstairs jumped on the bed and sat in my mom’s legs as usual. Looking up at my mom’s head I noticed the regular hug squeeze and rock but no smile. When my sister Brianna walks in I ask “Are we in trouble?” The room remained silent as if we were statues, I did not expect the next words she would speak would change my life forever. In November of 2008 the life I grew up to know flipped upside down. The divorce of my parents resulted in my sisters and I also separating. Living without sisters was completely foreign to a teenager that went to his eldest sister for advice. The changes didn’t stop there, from having my Mom pick me up every day from school and helping me with my homework to being a full time college student working on the side. The divorce forced my dad to constantly stay at work trying to compensate for my mom’s inability to put food on the table while paying for his own apartment. My parents were just barely scraping to make their payments there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to raise 3 kids. My 15 year old sister Brianna had no other choice but to step up to the plate, sacrificing her childhood to make up for the time to raise an 11 and 3 year old.
The most hurtful memories at that time weren’t of being teased for having a limited amount of clothes, or having an empty stomach due to the limited amount of funds. The most difficult experience was watching my mom worry about how we are going to pay the next set of bills, knowing that there is no way for me to help. Though in the beginning I would not have guessed that getting through this rough time was