Reflective Essay About Identity

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Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Imagine, I was in the second grade, seven years old, and I had a secret which nobody else seemed to know. However, my second grade teacher Mrs. Hewitt had an idea about my secret but she told others including my parents at the end of the year. My secret was that I am dyslexic and what it means to be dyslexic. I was so frustrated and felt different from all of the other students. I felt like I did not have what it takes to learn what the children were learning. I wanted to just stay home and not even go to school anymore. My teacher knew that I was reading from right to left not left to right like other students were. She noticed I was writing my letters backwards and had a different learning style from all the other students. Teachers had to work with me one on one to help me understand what we were learning in class. I felt so different and that I was not going to succeed in my education. When the testing was confirmed that I was dyslexic, I was put on different types of medicine. I stayed back to help, to try again and to get a different point of view in school. I had to attend summer school, which in my case helped me, and I even made some friends that I did not know before, One of those students from that class is actually one of my friends today. I also had to study more to accomplish my academic goals.
However, with my extra schooling and having summer school, I have made myself into the young adult I am today. I am able to have a stable work ethic; working hard in school has made me maintain good grades. I went from being a C-D student to being an A-B student. Also, I was able to maintain three jobs, and keep my grades to that A-B ranking. I know my testing skills are not that great,