The Importance Of Moving To America

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“The most difficult journey is back to the place where you failed”. When we fail or make a mistake we learn and develop as a person. Gradually redeeming myself as well as finding myself I have learned so much through my experience, gaining a sense of power I seized to obtain. Over the years, my journey started to become clearer. Fashion became my life, my obsession, this is my passion. My parents had taken my brother and I out to dinner several months before the big move. They broke the news to us at the dinner table and I was so happy yet not acknowledging the fact I would get older and learn to understand more about how much of a significant influence this move would have on my life. I was just living in the moment excited yet overwhelmed by the fact I was moving to New York. I was 8 years old, still a child, still many years to grow up and understand the importance of such an experience. It is as if my life has been split in two. I am 17 years old now and 8 years ago I was just moving to America. The first 8 years of my life were spent in England. I was born and raised in a completely different lifestyle compared to America. School was different, cars were different, the streets were different, food was different, everything was so different. When I found out that I had to move I was so excited. My family and I stayed with a couple they had once met on their Honey moon who just so happened to live in Copiague so if you’re wondering why we settled in Copiague out of all other places a typical person would preferably choose, I guess it was fate. Coming to America changed my life in so many ways. I started 3rd grade being oblivious yet open to everything. The school work was even different. I found myself fitting in with so many different people; I suppose the reason for that was simply because my accent was so amusing. I accepted everybody equally and they accepted me in return and eventually this made me confident with myself, because I was never too sure how I was going to fit in at school. I figured it was easier because I was only 8 when I moved here and I was still growing up and adapting to things, not quite analyzing-just absorbing the experience of my new adventure. Living in New York life experiences since I was 8 years old have been more positive. For example the climate, the guidance encouragement from school, i’ve managed to travel, opening my eyes to new styles and cultures. Being that my family was separated, it brought my parents, my brother, and I closer together because we are all each other has.