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I had been looking forward to May 11th for quite some time. Prom has always been a dream of mine: dressing up in a stunning, blue, sparkling gown, applying make-up I never wear, dancing under the flashing lights, experiencing an everlasting memory. My father was always part of the dream. I expected him to be there to experience the night with me, taking pictures, meeting my friends. All in all, being a father. He was willing to help with the expenses of the night, but when it came to the actual preparations, he was nowhere to be found. My father became a failure in my eyes .I got my hopes up when it made me feel that knew I shouldn’t have but still did anyways. It took me three months to talk to him after he had let me down yet once again, my emotions began to have the best of me. Throughout my whole life it’s like I've always had a father but didn't really have a "father". Growing up, to me it seemed like the streets and a cell was my father’s second home. As a child I thought that everyone should have the typical “American dream family" and live the "American dream”; in my home this dream did not exists. I guess I was too young to understand the problems my father’s dumb decisions left my mom to deal with. Now as a teenager becoming a young responsible woman I now know that as a man and a father you should know your responsibilities and take care of what it is you that needs to be taken care of the right way and the legal way. For more than half of my life I seen my mother struggle being a mother of two with no help from my father what so ever. She stepped up and then