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This is an exciting as well as frightening time in the lives of many high school seniors. Exciting in the sense that we are crossing the first of many thresholds of our lives journeys, and frightening because we understand that test scores and GPAs are the deciding factor of our future. This time becomes even more tormenting when we begin to consider our decisions made in the past. My transcripts illustrate my academic growth. Freshman year was a struggle for me. Through out the ninth grade I faced numerous challenges that required me to evaluate and reevaluate where I was, where I was going, and who I wanted to be. My conscious told me that with my current grades, I was headed toward the path of community college and just getting by in my adult life. I knew I was interested in bigger and better things so it was then that I realized I needed to apply myself more to get to where I wanted to be. My sophomore year I took things more seriously. Though my grades maintained to be an ongoing fight, I tried my best to avoid any major slip-ups that my GPA could not afford. Mistakes are a part of the learning experience. I now understand that I must expand my potential and allow nothing to restrict my future success. 3/4s of the way through high school I seriously buckled down. With the added stress of a job, SAT testing, and the demanding sport of all-star cheerleading, I persevered through what is made out to be the toughest year in high school. “Develop success from