University Of North Texas

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Steven Singleton 7th period 5/8/14 University of North Texas
In order to make a decision about a specific college, students need to know what the admissions requirements are, where it is located, how much it costs to attend, the size of the campus, the number of students who attend, and they need to know if the school offers the major they want to study. I have chosen to research the University of North Texas because I am interested in studying voice when I go to college, and the University of North Texas has a great reputation for its music department. This is great because I want to go to a college that is close to home, but that is far enough away for me to have some independence. The University of North Texas is also smaller than some of the other major colleges in Texas. It has a student population of 36,000 students and it has been named one of America's 100 Best College Buys for 18 consecutive years.
Another reason UNT interests me is because it is not as expensive as other colleges. The total cost for in state residents is about $20,718 per year. UNT offers scholarships for incoming freshmen. The amount of the awards ranges from $3,000 to $8,000 per year based on high school rank and test scores.
The University of North Texas (UNT) is located in Denton, TX. Many students live on campus, which offers 14 residence halls. Each hall has study groups, advisors, offers a good social life and has its own personality. This is important because it will allow me to be social and hang out with other students, while also giving me the opportunity to join study groups.
There are plenty of admission requirements for this college. The requirements for being admitted into the music department are dependent on being accepted in to the university. Students have to graduate high school under the Recommended or Distinguished plan, but a new Texas law also requires that a student can be admitted if they graduate at the distinguished level under the Texas Foundation plan. They also have to take the SAT or the ACT and depending on their class rank, they will have to get a certain score. The UNT website provided the admissions information listed below: