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Influential Glasses SNAP. My glasses broke in half and instantly, I was torn apart. I always thought my glasses were indestructible until they were aggressively trampled upon right then and there. The snapping of my glasses immediately flipped my world upside-down and sent my mind in a million directions. My glasses deeply influenced my childhood and shaped my life to an extent that makes me extremely fortunate. But now, those memories were literally shattered, lying there in front of me. These were no ordinary glasses. They were humongous. Throughout my painful elementary school years, I was the center of attention because of them. The list of names my peers created was endless. Smarty, Nerd, and the classic Four-eyes were a large part of my daily routine. However, I compensated these names with crazy behavior that was questioned by many of my peers and teachers. I knew that the only way I would get around those names was to not show any kind of hurt whatsoever. I did this by throwing myself out there and acting unspeakably strange. I wanted to be the funny kid in the class so I made it so. This behavior at a young age stuck with me throughout my life and was therefore expected out of me from everyone I knew constantly. The truth is, I enjoyed being able to act like this because I could be myself around everyone and did not care what they thought. This attitude of not caring what other people thought helped me through my childhood because it is that attitude that has made me such an icon among my peers. At first,