From A Innocent Child To A Mature Adult

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From A Innocent child To A Mature Adult
It all started when I was 11 years old, from the time I was able to realize what college actually was. I had heard my mom talking about how she attended Middlesex County College as she was speaking with one of her friends.Thats when I was curious and asked her “why do we need to go to college mommy”. She explained how going to college will help me begin my future career and she told me how beautiful and inexpensive the 2 year campus was. I began to then think about what I wanted to be when I got older and was sure that i wanted to become a lawyer. At first, I told friends and a few family members I wanted to become a lawyer. My friends wanted to be teachers or veternarians and told me being a lawyer was not fun. They all thought of me as a little girl who didn’t even know what a lawyer even did. I felt bad because I felt like no one believed I could become one but actually they were right. I did not know what a lawyer did in fact I just heard my aunt say she needed a lawyer to help her with a problem. I thought since I like to help people that I knew what I was even going to be doing as a lawyer. I remember going to the school library as a little fifth grader and looking for a book about law as my parents had told me to do. As I tried to read the book I came across very big words and was upset I would never become a lawyer. At this point, I was tired of being viewed as a little girl and I wanted to prove to people that I would become a lawyer someday.
Years passed and I was 14 years old and I still had the mindset of becoming a lawyer. As time went by I realized that if you really want to do something you should go for it. I now knew that a lawyer was a person who practices or studies law and can be an attorney or a counselor.

Not only that but I learned that there are different types of lawyers and I was really interested in becoming a defandant lawyer. Which is a lawyer specializing in the defense of people and companies charged with criminal conduct. I remember being asked by my uncle in a family party if I still wanted to be a lawyer and I explained myself this time and after a few disscussions he said “you