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College Essay
In my life i have had many experiences/risks that i have face throughout my life time that have had impacted my philosophy on the values of learning. There are two major events that i feel have had the most impact on me which would be taking AP Biology and AP Economics. Another situation is that my mom dropped out and recieved her GED where my dad went to college for two years and recieved and associates degree in a field he doesn't even work in. I feel these two key events have had an impact on the way I view my values on my education. When i took my first AP classes there was one major key point i noticed which is time management is the key to success. I noticed that in AP classes there is no time to slack off when it come to assignments because they are college classes that show just how hard it is in an everage college class. In normal classes students dont take assignments seriously because a bunch of teachers really don't neither. In AP classes my teachers are strict when it comes to work and basically they showed me that if i dont prioritize my time that i will never get anything done and i will fail in anything i try to achieve. That is why i have learned to prioritize my time and valued it when it comes to recieveing a good education. Another situation that has taught me a value in my education is my mom never graduating highschool and my dad not taking full advantage of his college experience. This has taught me to value school and everything it has to offer. My parents could be making so much more money than they are now, and they wouldnt be struggling to support my little brother and sister along with me and my college funds. They didnt take school seriously and fooled around too much resulting in