College Essay: Fear Is Just An Obstacle

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Fear is Just an Obstacle Fear is just an obstacle when you underestimate your capabilities. It was an early June morning, the birds were singing a cheerful song, the cicadas were buzzing in the distance, and the hot air was joined by a cool breeze. It was a perfect day for a graduation ceremony. My friends and I were walking to the cafeteria to eat our last breakfast as the class of 2013. It was quite depressing to know that we were all going our separate ways, whether it was going to out of state colleges and starting a new journey or planning tropical getaways filled with long-lasting memories and nights of no sleep. On the other hand, my summer was going to be filled with planning strategies on how to study for the class I have always dreaded: math. The cafeteria was covered with a million fire truck red balloons and white balloons and silver glittery ornaments. There was a strong aroma of freshly made breakfast foods that made my mouth water, and phone flashes going off that nearly blinded me. My friends and I approached the breakfast line to grab our fresh, buttery pancakes and bright yellow eggs. “Hey Nataly, are you going to go to Miami with us next week? It’s going to be so much fun!” said Kimberly with a high-pitched voice. “No, I can’t go. Unfortunately, I have summer classes at CCM because I failed the placement test,” I said softly. “What classes you have to take?” said Catalina. “I have to take MAT 014, which I already know I’m going to fail.” I replied angrily. It was time to get the show on the road and graduate. We put on our bright red caps and gowns and took a few pictures. We got in special spots, and began to walk up the field where a cheering crowd awaited us and we took our seats. After all the speeches that seemed to last hours, we started walking up one by one to get our high school diplomas. Finally, it was my turn to receive my diploma. Everyone in the crowd began to cheer for me, horns blew loudly, and my class was clapping. At the end of the ceremony my family and I celebrated by going out to eat. A couple of days passed, and the fact that I graduated from high school didn’t seem to hit me just yet. I had to snap out of it quickly because my new life as a college student would begin the very next day. “Good morning, are you ready for your first day of school today?” asked my mother while drinking her morning coffee. “I guess, but I’m scared that I’m not going to do well in math,” I said. “You’re going to do great, but don’t go into the class thinking you’re going to fail. Have a little confidence in yourself,” said mother. As I arrived at Emeriti hall I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the different ssigns leading me to all these different classrooms. “Emer-tye Hall? What is that?”I asked myself curiously, “Oh, there’s my class-room,” I said to myself. As I walked into the classroom, I saw unfamiliar faces, no teacher, and no windows. I made sure I sat in the front of the class so I could pay attention better. A few moments later, the teacher walked in. She was dressed in bright colored clothes and blonde hair. She looked like she was in her early 50s and spoke softly. She