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In my time of fifteen years of life I have met many people. Only one person had a big enough influence on me to change my ways. This person is my mom. My mom has the biggest influence on me because she always pushes me to do better. I believe that without her in my life I wouldn’t care about school or making good grades. I make sure I go to school with an attitude to be successful just for her. I cant stand to see her disappointed or angry at me because I failed her or let her down. I only want to give her what she wants from me.
When I let my mother down I think I get more disappointed than her. Its only because she does everything she can to help me and make sure I succeed. She wants me to be above average. She’s always giving me 100% help and support and I have to give 100% hard work and understanding back. She always had college work up to her neck but would quickly push it aside and give me her all if she saw me struggling. I could remember numerous times we stayed up from 6 o’clock in they day to 1 or 2 in the morning. She made sure that I was as prepared as I could be for school and that I finished all my homework. Although it irated me when she would give me vocabulary words or make up her own weekend homework for me I always knew it was for the best. She also has a big influence on me because it’s only her and me. She is the person I come and talk to when I have a situation or when I need some good advice. We have a really strong relationship and it continues