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Washington, JaMiah
May 16, 2015
Period. 4
College Essay
One of my greatest accomplishments was becoming a majorette. Trying out my ninth grade year going into my tenth grade year showed me that I had a passion for majorette. I use to love watching the former majorettes do tricks and dance to the music it made me want to become one as well. My first year trying out for majorette I didn’t make it, me not making it the first helped me to understand that nothing comes easy.
Throughout the summer I train my mind, body, and soul to crave becoming a majorette. During the summer I would jog to the park and do rigorous exercise because I knew that I needed to pick up wind and be fit. I needed to condition my body that the workouts I would endure will be very rigorous. After doing my exercises I would then march my way back home. I would say an incantation of me never giving up. I nourished my soul by envisioning that I was already a majorette and that nothing could stop me from being one.
When school started I made sure that my academics, conduct, and attendance was good, so that it would not stop me front trying out. I practice everything that I was weak at for instance, mastering a one spin and doing a butterfly gracefully. Once February hit and I heard on the announcement that applications were being given out I promise I was the first to grab one. The urges through my body was like I was being electrocuted for an injustice crime. I was very jovial to turn in my application and became hype when I see that I had made try-outs.
Once being told that the district accepted my application I went out that night and gathered everything I need to gather everything that was a requirement for try-outs. It came to my attention that my dream of being a majorette was finally coming true. On the day that we started…