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This past summer I volunteered as a counselor at the Milton Robotics summer camp for kids from grades one through eight. My job was to assist and watch over the kids as they worked on their camp projects. That year, their camp projects were mini robot arms about one foot in length. I expected to have a boring experience during which I would have to constantly teach a group of kids how to do simple tasks such as which direction to turn a screwdriver in order to tighten a screw. Fortunately, I was proven wrong. I felt a rush of relief and shock when I figured out that the camp taught me just as much as I taught the kids. Little did I expect, over the next five days, I would be discovering my passion for my intended major. Going into the summer camp, my mind was far from thinking about college majors. However, the next few days would open my mind. After three days of working with the kids, a couple campers ran into some technical issues in which their camp projects were rendered dysfunctional and unfixable. When I first heard about their situation, my heart sunk to the bottom of my rib cage; I believed in helping people in need no matter what it took. I rushed to the head counselor and asked if there was any way to repair the robots. I was told that the repairs would just take too long and that they needed more time to get it repaired for the camper showcase the following day. As soon as I recognized the hope we had, I sat down and got to work. With every piece I took apart and put back together, I could feel adrenaline coursing through my veins. Only a few minutes in, I realized that I love working on machines and I love problem solving. I was able to finish