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Nicole Cutrera
College Experience 10:00
Chapter 11 Reflection Paper

In this chapter I learned about emotional intelligence and how well I can cope with the demands and pressures I’m faced with everyday. I learned that I’m too hard on myself and I never give myself enough credit. My expatiations are extremely high and if I don’t reach those expatiations I get upset with myself. If I do extremely well on a test, but I make one silly mistake and get a question wrong, I will beat myself up over that silly mistake. I also learned that its not hard for me to control my anxiety, but I stress myself out too much. I learned that I need stress to motivate me because that is the only way I get tasks done. Another thing I learned is I’m flexible, but only to a certain extent. I like when things go as planned because I’m not really a fan of last minute changes. Another thing I learned is communication is a great skill to have with relationships. Usually when I get mad, I shut down and don’t listen to anyone else, but another learning about how good communication is I realized I need to change my ways. I will start talking about my problems with others instead of just yelling and ignoring everyone else. My high school wasn’t diverse at all and by coming to Camden County College I quickly learned about many different ethnicities. From this chapter, I learned that I need to step out of my shell and engage with different students that are from different ethnicities. This will