College Experience: A Journey Toward Self-Discovery Essay

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I am expecting college to be a positive experience for me that will help shape me and allow me to discover who I really am. I am hoping to gain experiences that will help me succeed in life after I leave college, but not just by preparing me for a future career. What I am really looking for as I progress through the college experience are opportunities that will help me become an open-minded, out-of-the-box thinker.
Even though I have had some experiences and obstacles that required a more complex thought process to overcome, I really want to jump into more challenging opportunities. This would force me to think on many different levels in order to accomplish one or several goals. I would probably have to try several different approaches in order to reach an outcome, and I am more than willing to find those approaches. These opportunities can simply be found in the college courses or through research projects which colleges offer to the students. My personal experiences have come mostly through small building projects in middle school such as building toothpick bridges and seeing which ones would hold the most weight before collapsing, or creating our own mini wind turbines to discover which structures and blades resulted in more revolutions. All of these projects took many different attempts and failures until I found the best setup. Not only were the results personally rewarding, I was actually beginning to think more creatively and actively.
In my opinion, the only