What Is The Big Deal With Wearing Clothes Anyway?

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College Essay
What is the big deal with wearing clothes anyway? Think of the service I am doing for my fellow men by going without clothes. Children are learning anatomy much sooner. There are no more awkward conversations, and nothing is left to the imagination. They will be able to pass their anatomy classes very easily. No small children are being put to work in third world countries to make clothes for me either. I am not offending anyone with my fashion sense and as long as I shower and shave regularly I don’t offend anyone that way either. I am helping the economy by paying for lotions, sunscreen, razors, waxes, a personal trainer, tanning, and other blemish removing surgeries.
Sure, sometimes I get a little cold and when it snows frostbite is always an issue, but amputation might be a good thing. Then I could get new and improved parts made so I can have the perfect body to show off. We live in the desert so cold isn’t that much of an issue anyway. Sunburn, on the other hand, is something we always have to watch out for. Sunscreen is my friend and I always have it on hand, and foot, and other body parts. But along with red skin can come skin cancer. You know cancer might be more fun than people think. You get to be like a lab rat, observed, poked and prodded, and have tissue samples taken. I save a fortune going nude so the expense of treatment is not a problem. Well that is if I can get through a job interview without being questioned on my outfit or lack thereof. You know people should not be so judgmental about those of us who are not wearing any clothes. We are mammals and other mammals do not wear clothes. Unless it is one of the unfortunate pets who has an owner that thinks it is their baby and is there just for the sheer purpose of being dressed by them. Windburn can