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How will I Improve my Study Skills?

Last semester was a combination of spending too much time at Reggie’s, and not enough time in the club that really mattered: Club Middleton. My freshman year is mainly a blur of late nights with my friends, sleeping in because I was too tired from the night before, and just an overall lack of motivation. All the hours I didn’t spend studying everyday, piled up into an all-nighter the night before my tests. All-nighters became my go-to plan for every class, and it took me awhile to realize they were terrible for my health and GPA. Last semester, I think I was sick with a cold 90% of the time, and thought it was just my friends nasty dorm rooms. The effects of no sleep and bad nutrition were wreaking havoc to my body one day at a time. I was always tired and disinterested in anything involving schoolwork; I had lost all motivation to work hard to achieve my goals. This semester, so far, I have done a much better job of creating goals and sticking to them. Some of my goals include: attending and participating in all necessary classes, work hard then play hard, and put aside time each day to review materials further in advance.

Many college students don’t see the importance of class attendance, because when they do go to class, they are usually distracted by their cellphones/laptops/friends. I, too, am guilty of this. Attendance is crucial; because when I skip class, I usually don’t look over that missed information until the next time I attend class, leaving me far behind on notes. Then, when my teachers would introduce new information, I was just in a recurring cycle of confusion; which was a waste of class time. I have been attending all of my classes more diligently this semester and have seen improvements in my stress levels and grades already. Even though attendance is important, getting to know my teachers is the next step I should take. I’m not the type to go speak with my professors after a bad test grade to beg for points or sympathy, but I realize I need to be more in touch with them so if I’m ever having trouble with something, they will see the effort I am putting in and be more willing to help me. Overall, after a day of classes there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re on top of your game. When my schoolwork is in order, I feel motivated to be more active in other aspects of my life. Even though college is technically for getting an education, it is also a valuable opportunity to meet new people, grow deeper in faith, and find out who you really are.

Academic excellence strolls hand in hand with mental and physical health, because with out a healthy mind and body, our brain can’t function to its full potential. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers I have found in college. I use exercise to set a daily routine for myself, but even when I have a busy week I still find time to take a jog or stretch it out. I don’t put myself down if I skip a workout or even a couple days, because I know my body is telling me to take a break. Even though exercise is a great way to get away from it all, sometimes my body just needs a break to relax. Downtime is just as important as exercise because the mind needs breaks to refresh it self and it keeps me from going crazy. One of my favorite quotes that perfectly fits the importance of health is, “look good, feel good, do good.” When my self-confidence is low, I automatically don’t feel good which in turn affects my mood and motivation towards academics. However, when I look good and feel good about my efforts, I will go into an exam (or anywhere) and have confidence that I am going to do well. Downtime and exercise is necessary for a successful college career. Stress isn’t good for anyone and especially not a college student, because it leads to test anxiety and overall bad mental health. Another way I am able to relieve anxiety and frustrations is meeting with a group of my friends from church once a week for some