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Mike Oxlong
01 October 2013
College Application Essay The events in my life have made me into a very easy going person. I have learned from my life experiences to never get too worked up over small things. I am very aware of my own limitations and I know to never take on more than I can handle. I am very committed to getting an excellent education. My only goal in life is to get a well paying job that I love and make a good life for myself and my future kids. In high school, I dealt with many personal issues that really hindered my performance. During the first three years of my high school career, I lived in the same house as my drug addicted sister. The event that really changed my whole outlook on life occurred after a JV football game. I had just arrived to McDonalds with a friend and I happened to run into my sister who was in tears and then broke down right in front of my friend and me. I immediately went to my other sister’s house where my parents were. They then informed me that my sister had robbed a gas station for drug money and the police were looking for her. I spent that whole night not knowing if my sister was going to run away or worse.
I took a lot away from the hard times I had with her and the rest of my family. Having my sister be the way she was I really learned not to take the small things so seriously because you never know when your whole life will do a complete 180. When I found out about her problems, all the small things I was stressed out about were dwarfed by the ever