College: Higher Education and For-profit College Schools Essay

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Roxanne Suarez

College Inc.
Getting into college is getting tougher with more people wanting to get in.
People are beginning to realize that they need a higher education in order to have a high paying job. With more students coming in, wanting to get a higher education: community colleges cannot seem to keep up with the demand of all the students. In the clip college Inc. they focus in on for- profit colleges. These for-profit colleges have had a great impact. The colleges have allowed more students to enroll in the schools and have made a lot of money on profits. The message the clip is sending us is that in the future we are going to need to depend on for- Profit College in order to keep up with the demands of more and more students wanting a college degree. The for profit colleges may be what we need for the demand of students, but is it worth the risk of being in debt and hassled by. Education is a big deal when it comes down to it. It is how we grow and learn to become successful in the world. For the for-profit college schools they spend more money on trying to get us in the school then providing on instruction once the students are there. The for-profit college schools have exceeding the level of getting students in but what about the education learning. In one of the interview in the clip, the gentleman who was interviewed compared school advertisement to a perfume bottle. He specifically said “what makes education so special.” How can you compare education