Slave Revolts In American History

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DC American History
Pre-civil war issues Slaver, economics, politics Slave Revolt No successful slave revolts in American history. Wilmot Proviso Added amendment to the bill of rights saying that no land obtained from Mexico could ever have slaves. This was one of the many attempts by the free state government trying to take pieces of the country at a time to make the US slave free. Fredrick Douglas Runaway slave that stayed in America after running away and goes public with his life. Popular Sovereignty This is when the people from the place where they live vote instead of the government Compromise of 1850 Allowed California into the United States because they qualified for statehood after the gold rush in 1849. Came in as free-state made more free than slave but south got law passed where ALL police officers were supposed to arrest runaway slaves no matter where they are. Uncle Tom’s Cabin Anti-Slavery book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Makes slaves look good and also makes the slave owners look evil. Eliza has baby doesn’t want it to be a slave so she runs. Also make Uncle Tom’s Cabin into a play. Kansas Nebraska Act Supposed to be free but because of popular sovereignty became slave states, with the popular sovereignty all votes were passed because free states and slave states people snuck in just to vote * Stephen Douglas- somewhat anti slavery, agreed that people from each state should make up their own laws * John Brown, went up to people and asked if they opposed or went with slavery and if with he killed them after he went crazy

Dred Scott Decision
A case that went to court because Dred Scott’s master took him into free states and then was going to take him back to a slave state but people took it to the court saying the slaves are free because they lived in free territory. Case went to supreme government and the constitution it said it allowed slavery and then Supreme Court said he wasn’t even allowed to vote because he was property and not a person. Lincoln-Douglass debate, senate election, Stephen Douglass is trying to get his name around so everyone knows who this is for the presidential election. Backfired, Lincolns ideas came out too along with Douglass. John Brown believed that an angel told him to go south and get weapons and go back north and slaves will runaway and follow. (harpers ferrie) he got the weapons and went, and no slaves followed. John Brown hung for treason, tried in Virginia which is pro slavery he is anti slavery.
Ulysses s grant, not real name, first name really Hiram
Draft starts in the north
Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, both very bad losses for the union/north
Grants being successful going down Mississippi in west, some generals tried to win battle in east against Lee, Burnside, Pope, Hooker, Meade, Grant, all were divisional commanders, but when moved up they cannot take the job.
Gettysburg- was not an intentional fight, was really