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The biggest change in my life was experienced when I entered college. It was totally different from high school. I was doing everything on my own, no one telling me you have to get this done or anything. Going into college and not knowing anyone was one of the hardest things. But slowly you meet people who become your life long friends. Living in Long Island and going all the way to Long Island University in Brooklyn wasn't easy but overtime I just adjusted? Going into college you don't have a curfew anymore, everything you do is on your own. If you do it or you don't anyone is there who's going to ask about it. Going from high school and into college and not knowing how the exams and assignments are going to be like was a scary thought. People always portrayed college to be these huge classrooms full of kids and all the teacher would lecture. But going into it you realize it’s not like that. Without college it’s very hard to become successful, I believe that college teaches you the fundamentals on how to live life. I was always told if you want something you have to work for it, nothings going to be handed to you. Nothing in my life was ever handed to me I had to work for it. I am who I am today by the amount of effort i put into everything. My grandfather once told me, if you want to be successful you have to work day and night for it, if it was that easy everyone would be rich. My dad graduated from NYU and even though i couldn't get in I promised him that I would make him proud. Ever since I was a kid I was told you have to become a doctor, it was something that was programmed in me. No one ever asked what I wanted to do. I have been faced with challenges throughout my life, but never once did i give up, i only tried harder the next time. Challenges are placed so that those that are truly striving to reach their goals are recognized. Challenges teach me how solve my problems through various different techniques, depending on the situation. These challenges would be extremely difficult to overcome in solidarity. My support system lies within my house. Without the encouragement of my family my success would ultimately be a failure. Everyone has weakness and my biggest weakness is that I procrastinate; I leave everything till the end. Another flaw I see in myself is that I am really shy. I am afraid to go up and present, that is something i have to over come if I want to be successful. What keeps