College: Maya Civilization and Humans Essay

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There is many different stories’ that explain the way earth was created. Everyone has their own opinion of what story they think is true or they have their own theory of how earth was created. One of the stories is the Mayan creation myth; another story is the “Genesis” which explains how humans were created. Both of these stories are two of the most well know stories to mankind. Both have things in common but also have many differences. The Genesis is part of the bible and explains how god created humans. The Maya’s were advanced people who lived in what is today Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and the Mexican State of Yucatan. The Mayan creation myth is from the Popol Vuh, the Mayan epic. Both stories have a god or gods that created humans. The Genesis had just one god that created humans and earth, as Genesis had multiple gods that created humans and earth. Both the Mayan gods and Genesis god created humans; for them to worship their creator. The Mayan gods and Genesis god both flooded earth because humans angered the gods/god. The flood was a way to start over and create humans to fit their visions. In Genesis god explain how he created man and women, but the Mayan creation just explains creating man. The Genesis creation only had one god and the Mayan had multiple gods. Genesis god was look up to by the humans as perfect; as the Mayan gods were look up to as gods that made mistakes but had the ability to fix them. When the genesis god flooded earth he keep one man and…