College: Nutrition and Food Bank Essay

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Essay A: A Better community
When I was younger, my mom woke my brother and I up every third Saturday to make sure we would be at the front of the line to get what the food bank had to offer us. My brother and I always hated getting up early because there was nothing to do but sit outside and play with all the other kids until they opened the doors. As I got older I started to get tired of sitting around and not doing anything. One Saturday I decided I would sneak in and see how they made everything run so smoothly. When I walked in the room I was amazed at how busy everyone was, they were either putting together tables, taking the food out of the boxes, or picking out the bad vegetables from the bunch. Before I knew it the words “Can I help?” came flying out of my mouth. “Sure grab a t-shirt”, they said. My experience at the food bank has showed me that everyone has the power to make a difference in their own lives as well as the community.
When I first walked into the food bank I felt out of place, I didn’t know where I would fit in. First I tried unpacking the vegetables, but that didn’t work out to well because I kept dropping everything. Then one lady asked me did I want to help distribute the food and I said sure. When everyone came in I was delighted to be helping people and seeing the smiles on their faces. When my mom came through the line she just smiled and waved. I helped somebody! Even though what I’ve done didn’t bring the human race anywhere near the end of world hunger, I sure left the community a better place.
The Food Bank experience helped me become a better person. Before volunteering, I didn’t really value the food I have every day. I didn’t realize there are many people,