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Ever since I was little boy, my family and I would take a two month vacation to Syria every summer. Sometimes we would leave two weeks early, before school ends, and I would get extremely excited. Seeing my relatives and my grandparents makes me feel safe and welcomed. I always enjoy arriving at the Damascus, Syria, airport and seeing my relatives waiting outside the gate. When they see my family and me they start running with joy. We start giving hugs and kisses because it’s been a whole year since we seen each other. All of this will change due to the violence that is occurring in Syria right now.
As I listen to the news reporting that Syrians are being killed by the Syrian government, it saddens my heart. Watching the terrifying images makes me upset, and I wonder if these people are considered to be human for their actions. My mother recently told me that my grandmother witnessed a shooting outside her street. The neighbors woke up from their sleep and immediately rushed outside. They were terrified to see what happened. This scared my family and me because I would never think that a shooting would occur right outside my grandparents’ home. Two nights ago, my dad was showing me YouTube videos of how the Syrian security forces were shooting innocent children that were not even ten years old. I started to cry because I never expected this to happen to my own people. The uprising has been growing, and many civilians are being wounded and killed because they are going against president Bashar al-Assad. Over