Essay on College Planning

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Lujing Han
5th period
CCHS College Night

Before event: My college application plan is to first of all, take the PSAT on October 17th in order to practice the SAT and to have a feel of what is going to be on the real SAT to better prepare myself for it. I’m going to attend the Valencia College night around October in order to gather more college information and to speak with college representatives. I want to evaluate a more specific path I should take because I am interested in going to a college with a good study abroad program and a major in international business. Around the beginning of January, I’m going to be making a list of colleges that meet the criteria of a reasonable cost and a great business or linguistic major along with a college that is close to my home, preferably in Florida. Around February, I’m going to organize a testing plan and to figure out dates of the SAT and ACT and mark that on my calendar. Around May I’m going to start a scholarship search and information on it so it will be easier when it is time to apply during my senior year. During the summer of this year, I would like to visit some colleges on the top of my list and take a tour to actually take a look around the campus. I’m going to try to get advice from college students and to hear about how college life really is. Also I am going to be taking SAT classes in order to better prepare myself.

After event:
After attending the college night at our school, I feel like picking a