College: Problem Solving and Mr. Leonard Essay

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Kayla Hedges

It just takes one person to impact your life in such a way that you reevaluate your whole stand point in life. If a person does mold another individual’s life, it’s imperative that you lead the individual in the proper manner. Melanie A. Greenburg wrote a book, Six Qualities Leaders Need to Be Successful, and used Jack Welch’s statement, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Before you can turn to others to direct them in the right path; you have to have crossed that path, giving you cognition, and even if you don’t go down the right path, you may portray to others how to avoid it. My senior year has been devoted towards following in the footsteps of an outstanding leader, role model, and mentor. John G. Leonard has shown me through example how to achieve success.

Since October of this year, I have interned with attorney John G. Leonard through the New Ventures program offered by Madison-Oneida BOCES. The experience that I have gained throughout the internship has begun to shape the way I think, and my problem solving skills. Mr. Leonard is absolutely brilliant, I’ve never been so impressed by a person ever before. From the moment I walked through the door, Mr. Leonard allowed me to be a part of real life situations. Without any knowledge of what was about to happen, I was sitting in a court room experiencing firsthand how the legal system worked. It was a mind-blowing experience to witness the aggressive tactics and social interactions used by Mr. Leonard. Mr. Leonard included me as part of his team working on the SUNY Brockport murder case with him, which is an honor. So far I have got to research and help find medical experts, and evaluate all of the evidence and interrogation tapes that we receive. John told me that I didn’t have to look at the crime scene tape, but I’m in this for the long run and I want to do anything I can to broaden my experience at this law firm. Clients usually don’t mind when I sit in the appointments, and most of the time they will engage conversation with me, which makes me feel pretty important. I have to be conducting my life exactly how I want it, because no one else will be living my life. Mr. Leonard told me one day on our way to court, “Don’t have what is expected, have what’s expected and then some.” I completely