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College Research Outline

You will need to include the following information in your presentation: Map of the College: You will need to find a Map of the college or university.

History of the College: You will need to include a brief history of the college including such items as date it was founded, who it was founded by, and any other related information.
Description of College: The following should be highlighted: whether it is a public or private college, religious affiliation, co-ed vs. single sex, location, size, and facilities.
Application Materials/Enrollment Process: You will need to include a blank or completed application for the college. You should also include the requirements for admission, deadlines, early decision/early action opportunities, etc.
Academics: Discuss what will happen if you are placed on academic probation, types of majors offered, degrees, if they offer such opportunities like an honors program, double major, study abroad, liberal arts, internships, etc.
Surrounding Area Activities: Discuss what is around the college such as shopping malls, grocery stores, museums, theatres, restaurants, outdoor activities
Financial Aid and Scholarships: Explain what types of aid and scholarships are offered, a typical award, student requirements for scholarships and financial aid, deadlines, etc.
Career Services: Discuss what the placement rate is for the major(s) in which you are interested, whether or not they help you find a job, other services that are available.
Social Activities: Provide information about extracurricular