College Students Save Money By Grocery Shopping For Under $ 20

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Dalanah Smith
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I am going to help college students save money by grocery shopping for under $20. This information will be very essential to the average college student because like me, most college students would rather save their money for other things. College students also get bored very fast with on-campus food and it is also very expensive. The first thing the student will do is make a list of things that they need. They can put things they want at the bottom. The student should also make sure that they have at least $20 present. If the student has any coupons or gift certificates, they should have those at hand as well, and be ready to present them to the cashier. Next, the student will go to a bargain store leaving the more expensive ones for later. Stores like “Family Dollar”, “Dollar General”, and “Fred’s” would be good choices for this step. As the student walks around the store they should have their list of needs. The student needs to compare prices before they just stick something in the basket. All of the bargain stores I have listed usually have every day needs. Now the student should have found everything they need or as much of it as possible. As the student leaves the bargain store of their choice he/she should remember to pick up some sales papers. If the student still has money left over this would be a good time to go to another store such as Wal-Mart or Kroger and get the things they want. Having coupons