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Teaching Assistant Level 2
Unit One
Task One

Describe the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant

The key aspects of a teaching assistance is to carry out a range of different tasks, these key tasks cover four main areas.
- Supporting the teacher
- Supporting the pupils
- Supporting the curriculum
- Supporting the school
They can be practical and administrate tasks.

Supporting the teachers, the teaching assistant will work under the teacher’s direction, this could be by helping, supervising and supporting the pupils in their learning, help to prepare and organise the classroom ready for the learning tasks ahead, and this could include equipment, materials and resources.
Overall, key aspect in supporting a teacher is to assist in anyway that helps make more time for the teacher to teach more effectively.

When it comes to supporting the pupils, this can be achieved by the teaching assistant under the guidance of the class teacher, with the use of equipment and materials and resources around them, to help enhance the pupils learning and to give the correct level of support.
The teaching assistant would benefit from a good knowledge of child development, child protection, behaviour and health and safety policies to help them support the pupil to the best of their ability.
A teaching assistant should also know how to observe and record a pupils progress in their learning, to aid the teacher in the assessing the pupil progression, so the pupil can obtain the correct guidance and support.
Assisting pupils with their personal needs, such as social skills, health issues, hygiene, first aid and welfare is also part of being a teaching assistant. As well as building and maintaining a good relationship with the pupils, by being a good role model and acting on each pupils individuals needs.
Another responsibility can include motivate pupils to interact with and join in activates given by the teacher.

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A teaching assistant also has to support the school as a whole, this is done in many ways, this can include accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and out of school activities. To take responsibility for a group under the supervision of a teacher, assist with supervision of pupils out of lessons times, before and after school, break and lunch times.
As a teaching assistant, you must be aware of and comply with all the policies and procedures relating to the school for example,
- Child protection
- Health and safety
- Security
- Confidentiality
- Data protection
- following procedures of reporting any and all concerns to the appropriate person.
- Ethos and aims of the school
- equal opportunities and learning for the pupils

When supporting the curriculum a teaching assistant should undertake structured and agreed learning activities and teaching programmes and be able to adjust activities according to the pupil(s).
To have a good knowledge of the programmes linked to local and national learning strategies, for examples,
- Literacy
- Numeracy
- ks2
- ks3
- Early years
As well as a good support use of ITC learning would be helpful to help the pupils develop competence and independence in its use.
When supporting the curriculum, a teaching assistant should be able to determine the need for, prepare and maintain general and specialist equipment and resource to work along side the school curriculum programme

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Zoë Hogben
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Teaching Assistant Level 2

Unit 1
Task 2

Give examples of some tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher.

The range of tasks for a teaching assistant depends on the school; some of the