College Tuition Case Study

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Tuition rates continue to rise, which brought about the idea being proposed tax for tuition. The city council of Denver is currently thinking about how to make this tax effective for the students and the taxpayer. The rise in tuition has lead some to wonder are colleges doing enough to help mitigate this issue. College athletics bring in large amounts of revenue from ticket sales to endorsement deals along with TV endorsements and the ever-important bowl games or tournaments. The colleges take in millions of dollars that could be used to help mitigate the tuition issue.

Happy Fans

When Saturday arrives stadiums across the nation are filled with fans waiting to watch and cheer their team on after paying hundred of dollars for seats. The
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Major schools see these deals as a major source of income for the school. Television Contracts are very lucrative to the university for example the deal with NBC and Norte Dame is for fifteen million dollars (Taylor, 2014). The SEC Network has brought in revenue averaging about twenty million dollars per school (Taylor, 2014).
The money made from these deals could easily allow a school to mitigate the tuition rate. Television Endorsement deals are the schools reward for of course, fielding a competive team that wins. The school can reward students by taking some of this money to help the students. While the student athlete is the one bringing in the money their tuition is covered. Yes I know that the student athlete tuition is in some way still being paid through the school but those students don’t have to worry about tuition loans. These are the students the school relies on most student athlete’s leave with in three years. The goal of a college should not be lets see how much money we can make but rather education. Money will continue to flow in as long as a school has a sports program people love it and will pay for
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This money is shared throughout a conference through revenue sharing. The smallest most unimportant school still receives money so even the smallest school can in some way help with tuition. When the smallest most unimportant school is getting a huge payout by their standards. The school would want to upgrade and spend money on their athletic programs. Which is understandable the college wants to one be self sustainable and two there is more money to be made. I will concede on this because it a business and who does not want the biggest piece of the