College Tuition Essay

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Tuition rates continue to rise which brought about the idea being proposed tax for tuition. The city council of Denver is currently thinking about how to make this tax effective for the students and the taxpayer. The rise in tuition has lead some to wonder are colleges doing enough to help mitigate this issue. College athletics brings in large amounts of revenue from ticket sells to endorsement deals along with TV endorsements and the ever-important bowl games or tournaments. The colleges take in millions of dollars that could be used to help mitigate the tuition issue.

Happy Fans

When Saturday arrives stadiums across the nation are filled with fans waiting to watch and cheer their team on after paying hundred of dollars for seats. The roar of thousands of people as the team runs onto the field. Then clock strikes zero and the
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This is another source of revenue from college sports. This leads to lucrative deals for the school and the better the school the bigger the deal. The article by David Plati goes into detail about CU deal with Nike. The deal covers ten years and will pay the university twenty million dollars.

When interviewed by the local school newspaper for the University of North Carolina. Kenny Farr the equipment manger for the UNC football team stated, “ The program tries to update all equipment every three years” (Lanna, 2013). When equipment is being updated every three years and the fact that your sponsor will give the school a discount on the equipment. Now with the trend of colleges going to different uniforms for different occasions this might cost more but the school now has tool to bring in more fans. While everyone loves something new and flashy can a school survive wearing the same jersey yes. This also entices more student athletes, which means more