College Versus Highschool Essay

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Amy Tran
Mrs. Hammel
English 101-102A
12 March 2012
College vs. High school Childhood and adolescence are usually the happiest and most careless periods in one’s lives, but there always comes the time when a young person starts asking questions “What am I going to do in my life?”, “How can I be successful in my future?” Many young people understand the importance of proper education for their future and think of going to a college after graduating from high school. High school and college are similar in many ways. There are many more ways, though, in which high school and college are very different; tuition, classes, freedom and responsibility. High School is a continuation of elementary and middle school where students learn what is expected as the standard of education set by the government. Up until the age of eighteen, students have no choice but to attend because of the law. School is mandatory and free of charge. In college, unless you have earned a scholarship, tuition is required upon registration for classes. Tuition fees vary on colleges; community college fees are generally more affordable than a university’s. College classes are very similar to high school classes, just bigger. Classes in college the first and second semester should not be significantly more difficult than high school classes. By the time that students are taking major or upper level classes, they should be more comfortable with the difficulty level. High school students are required to attend class every day whereas college students are given a certain amount of days before they are forced to drop the class. This voids all the work that they have done in the class and they will not be eligible to receive a credit. Nowadays many school students prefer having a job if they want to make extra pocket money, though going to work is not vitally