College vs. High Shool Essay

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UNIV 1101 8/22/2013 Brittany Adams

1. How do you think college will be different from high school?

I think college will be different from high school because, you have more freedom. As an adult you have more responsibilities, as well as learning in more dept on subjects you need to know for what your career will be later in life. High school classes require critical thinking, but not as much as colleges. In high school you have a test just about every week throughout the year. High school also don't give you a planned guideline as to what you would be doing throughout the year. High school has what they call the proficancy test at the end of the year ( the BIG test). In college you have one BIG test and that is EXAMS at the end of the sesmester. College also has a planned guideline called a syllabus. The syllabus tells you about the instructor/professor, information on the course, what is expected and not tolerated from the student in that class, as well as the course schedule.

2. What do you think it will take to be successful in college? (What personal characteristics, qualities, or strategies do you feel are most important for college success?)

I think to be successful in college, you have to apply yourself to the work given to you from the professor. Taking notes is always a great thing, it helps you later with your homework and class work. If you don't understand something don't be afraid to ask. You have to be confident in yourself that you can pass the class. The more confidence you have the better you shall do in the course. Communacation plays a big roll in college as well (as I found out on my third day). You have to communicate with your professer as well as classmates. Don't be shy, if you need help weather it be with notes, and assignment, or