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My Career
The mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences .The feeling you get when you bring someone back to those happy memories is why I chosen the career of being a photographer. I remember as a young child I love being in everyone’s pictures. My sister had got a camera for her birthday used it more then her. I snapped so many pictures and they came out really good, this is when I figured out I had a gift.
By going to college I will start although a few of my family members went to college nobody had ever moved out of state. I want to be the first to go out of state I love going to see what America have. My goals in college are to get a Doctorate in Photography and Miner in Business. If it’s possible I wouldn’t mine playing basketball, football or to do track. With me getting my business I will give anyone who would know how take pictures or like to model a chance. I know that the economy is kind of in an appalling position but with me I can kind of help that and if not decrease the percentage in the town I’m open my business in.
In my future I want to be able to say,” I’m going to say I have a successful life and I’m loving it.” I’m going to have to a type of company that is open to the public; hey if you fit the requirements to get the job then you will be able to have a chance. This will help people who really need a job and can’t find one. I believe that people need a