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Selecting the perfect college for me is the most important decision I will make in the first half of my lifetime. Receiving a degree from the college that best suits me will effect me down the road in job availability and my overall earnings as an adult. I have decided to research The University of South Carolina, The University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, Wofford College, American University, and The College of William and Mary, all schools that I can consider myself attending. These universities and colleges are all sound environments and are seem like great institutions to attend. The perfect college for me has to adhere to the following criteria: location is in the southeast and close to home, has a good sized student population, the tuition is reasonable, the city surroundings are interesting and fun, pharmacy major is offered, and the percent accepted is high. Furthering my education furthers my opportunities in life and that is why my college selection is so critical.
The first condition is the location of the school. I enjoy everything about southern lifestyle and would like to stay in the Southeastern states. The University of South Carolina is very close to my childhood home and the location is great. The University of Alabama is in the southeast and about 7 hours away from my hometown. This is a considerable drive, but the location is satisfactory. Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is also located in the southeastern states. However, it takes 12 hours to reach the campus from Columbia. That is a little too far away from my family and home. Wofford College, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is just a few hours away from Columbia. It is pleasing that it requires only a short drive and is located in the southeast. American University, in Washington, DC, is my least favorite location as far as the region. I do not consider Washington, DC apart of the southern states. American University is 8 hours from my family home, not too far, but still I could not make frequent visits. Finally, The College of William and Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. This college is about 6-7 hours from my home, about the average distance out of the total six colleges. The best fit locations for myself are The University of South Carolina and Wofford College. The other colleges are for the most part in the southeastern states, but require a long round trip from my home. The student population of a school is a statistic that I look for because I do not want to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the number of students. The University of South Carolina’s average population is a little over 21,000 students. I feel this is a nice sized student body because it is not too big to where it feels impersonal, but also not a culture shock if it were smaller. The University of Alabama has an average population of about 28,000 students. This school has the largest population out of the six schools. It may be a little too large because I will not have the opportunity to have more attention from professors due to the larger class sizes. Louisiana State University has an average student population of 23,685. This is a good size for social and academic opportunities. Wofford College has the smallest population of 1,500 students. This population may be a little too small for my personal liking. However, the smaller size means smaller classes and creates a more personal feeling. American University has a population of about 12,795 students. This is probably the best size because it still feels intimate, but still enough people to where it will be a friendly experience. The College of William and Mary has a smaller student population of 8,000 enrolled students. It is on the smaller size, but still is suitable and can more than likely meet all of my needs relating to academic and social needs. I am inclined towards the sizes of American University and The University of South Carolina because it is still intimate, but