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Collin Wolford It is widely known by most of the educated country that women up until this century were not treated as though they were "part of the group" when coining phrases such as "give me liberty or give me death" or "all men are created equal" we did not afford women the same rights that we demanded were God-given. It is no secret that womens roles consisted of just taking care of the home, the kids, and their men. Anything outside of here and everything within was up to the men. The fact is there was a level of injustice in this period(and even up to 60-70 years ago) that was unparralleled inequality with this country that screamed that women were not men and that they should not be givin the same "unalienable rights" that not long before we went to war to defend. Women could not own property and men were given incentives to marry mens daughter(doweries), as if it was not unreasonable enough to say they have no rights to love whom they choose. Now womens roles in the native american society were given much more influence and power in the community. In most cases, the women were actually in charge of gathering materials and then building the homes for everyone. While men were hunter and warriors the roles of women were ever expanding and could not be stopped. Many of the men in the tribes knew and understood that the women that they had in the tribe were not just good workers and equal to the men but they knew that the women were a source of life and the native american tribes did everything that they could to provide a feeling of streangth and a sense of consistency to their lives. The women in these tribes would often help hunt and when the hunting was over they would skin, clean, and cook the food(they would also make the clothes and the weapons that the hunters would use). " Women made tools and weapons out of animal bone, which were absolutely necessary for everyone’s’ survival. Not only was there medicine men in the tribes but there were medicine women as well. In fact, many Native American tribes believed that the women had more healing power and were able to soothe ill souls with their chants and connection to the spirit world." ( Alcohol abuse was also a major concern as well in the states/colonies. The first known