Essay on Collins English GCSE for AQA pg 52 (win a weekend to Paris)

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How does the writer use the picture to link his ideas in the rest of the text?
The writer uses emotive language and the picture of the Eiffel tower to link his ideas in the rest of the text.
This gives the reader the image that Paris is an urban, glamorous place because it shows the glistening Eiffel tower. This connects with the emotive word “fabulous” as the Eiffel tower does look elegant in the picture and it stands out. This attracts the reader because when they go on holidays they like to go to beautiful and stylish place which they may call fabulous and in the picture above they show a golden Eiffel tower, which does look beautiful and stylish. That way the reader will be easily persuaded to go to Paris.

How does the writer use language to persuade the reader to enter the competition?
The writer uses alliteration to uses alliteration to persuade the reader to enter this competition by talking about the positive aspects of Paris.
“Friend a fabulous weekend in the French capital”
This is effective because it emphasises “French” which states that Paris is the capital of France and you should definitely go there because it is elegant and romantic.
“Fabulous” gives the reader the impression that France is a place full of glamour, romance and municipality, which advertises France as a “holiday country” which is what the reader may think of an ideal holiday.

Another language feature the writer uses in the advert is listing. The writer uses this so that the target audience is persuaded to go to Paris.
“Drawn there by your love of food, fashion, architecture, romance or just a well-earned weekend away.”
This persuades the reader to go on holiday to Paris because he lists many reasons why you will enjoy your holiday when you go there. This long list is much more effective than just one or two commas because it portrays that the benefits of Paris is never ending and that is how good Paris is. Another reason why listing is effective is because if the audience of the text