The Importance Of Writing Assignment

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Blake Bryant
Mr. Warren
English 101
29 September 2014
Essay #1 Throughout elementary school I skated by without doing hardly any writing assignments. I would tell the teacher that I had already turned it in, and they would just say “ok”. The few times I actually did my writing assignments, I didn’t try at all. If each paragraph was required to be ten sentences long, I would make them about five. I would do just enough to pass the assignment but not enough to get a good grade. When I got to middle school, I started to consistently do my writing assignments, and with better work ethic. My middle school teachers were a little stricter and made me work harder. It also helped that my middle school English teacher was a really good teacher and helped me a lot so that way I didn’t just give up. It wasn’t until about my junior year of high school that I really started pouring my heart into my writing assignments. This is when I finally realized how important it is to do well in school and when I really started to do well in all of my classes. As much as I don’t enjoy writing assignments, I realize that I will have to do many of them throughout college and after college if I want to be successful. One writing assignment I had in high school was about Jim Jones. This subject has interested me for a long time. The psychological part of why those people did what they did is fascinating. It is a really sad story, and something like this should have never happened. This is one of the few writing assignments I enjoyed throughout high school. I was always curious as to why and how Jim Jones was able to do what he did. The way he was able to impose a certain “God Like” control on his followers is truly astounding to me. I usually get bored when researching a subject to write about. It is usually a long and tedious process. My favorite writing assignment in high school was an informative essay about a documentary titled “Forks over Knives”. It is about why people should live a more vegetarian lifestyle. I enjoyed writing about this documentary for many reasons, one of which being, I plan on becoming a nutritionist. Another reason is it is a common misconception that you need meat in order to get a sufficient amount of protein in your diet. The most important reason is, it influenced me into becoming a vegetarian for my senior year. I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables for my entire senior year of high school. People thought I was crazy, m.ainly because during this time I was also consistently lifting weights, and nobody believed I would be able to gain muscle eating only fruits and vegetables. Throughout my research, I found the average American ingests way too much protein. The reason I enjoyed this assignment so much is that it pertained to something that I am really interested in. Another reason I liked this essay is that it is very important for people to lead healthy lives, and I enjoy knowing that something I type in an essay can be used to enhance someone’s life.

I am thinking of majoring in something along the lines of a nutritionist or a dietitian. The syllabus I found is for a class named “Careers in Nutrition”. This course