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One argument that I found interesting in Plan B would be about renewable resources and how any products are moving from fossil fuels to alternative energy. Renewable resources are defined as a natural resource which can replenish with the passage of time, either through biological reproduction or other naturally recurring processes. In the reading from plan B, there are four different energy sources that are being used besides fossil fuels. Gasoline, coal, natural gas, diesel and other commodities derived from fossil fuels, as well as copper and other minerals, are considered non-renewable resources without a sustainable yield. Some of these are, Wind turbines, solar power, and plant based sources and also geothermal energy source. As years pass, newer products and new resources will continue to grow. By using renewable resources it is helping many states by decreasing electrical bills. According to Plan B 4.0, many states have been trying to get the wind turbines and for three states they have created enough wind energy to supply and run the economy. These states are, North Dakota, Texas and Kansas. In South Dakota since it has a lot of wind it has a wind farm with 5,050 megawatts which is massive. 1 megawatt is enough to power 300 U.S. homes. Every summer my family and I like to take road trips and about two summers ago we were driving around the western states and there were just miles and miles of wind farms that had thousands of turbines. I knew that they were used to create electricity but never grasped the concept of how many homes and businesses nearby that it helps generate electricity.
Now the second renewable resource is solar power or solar photovoltaic. This resource convert sunlight into electricity. For example, I have family members in Nevada and switched to solar energy at their home and use it for the water heater. These solar panels are becoming very popular across the United States. These panels are a great investment with very little fees and maintenance and are eco-friendly by not polluting the air when using fossil fuels. On our campus here at Florida Gulf Coast University has a huge solar panel field that are extremely high tech. They rotate with the sun to gain the most light as possible. Also, with these panels it helps the campus be more eco-friendly by converting the sun light into electricity for buildings. Many automobile manufacturers are creating cars that run off solar power which will have a huge impact on saving the environment with less emissions.
The third resource is plant-based sources for energy. This uses crops and other natural products such as waste, crop residues and even yard debris. All of these byproducts can be used for heating electric and even producing oil. This